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Meet Marie de Martinez, 

Vibrational Sound Therapist

Marie de Martinez has provided leadership in private hospitals and clinics and in public health. As a sound healer, she focuses on preventing illness and disease, through wellness with sound healing.Vibrational sound therapy is an ancient art which is non-toxic, non-invasive and organic. It simply allows the body to flourish in relaxed state so that it can heal itself.  VST is not a substitute for accepted medical practice, I fact it can support and strengthen the impact of medical practice to be more effective.

Vibrational sound relaxes the body so that its functions can carry on in a relaxed state doing what they were meant to do, rather than spending energy responding to stress, depression and anxiety.  Marie provides individual sessions using therapeutic bronze bowls for on-body and near body sound relaxation. For individual and group sound baths, she uses the bronze bowls, crystal singing bowls and other percussion instruments to produce a calming and interesting sound experience. 

Combining vibrational sound healing with, life coaching and reiki energy Marie works with your needs and your direction. 

She is a mother, wife, Mimi, animal lover, and avid exerciser. Following her career in healthcare leadership, she spent 12 years as a consultant and executive coach to others in leadership positions throughout the country. De Martinez is a life coach for people navigating the healthcare system, those experiencing grief or suffering from illness, and those individuals who are experiencing the loss of a child or spouse. She specializes in helping others rework their self-perceptions to create a fulfilling and forward-focused life. Working through life changes and grief coaching are among her specialties.  She offers non-judgmental, thought-provoking coaching to help you work through and face challenging situations to support self-direction toward your best future. 

*MA - Master of Arts in Communication 

*Certified Mediator

*Certified Professional Coach

*Vibration Sound Therapy- Certified Practitioner

To make an appointment go to 

to Marie's calendar.  If you are not available during these times, call or textMarie at 308.380.7868 to set an alternative time.

 Session Fee                   Bundle of  Sessions - discount

80 minutes  - $125.     $110/session for purchase of 4 sessions/8 weeks

50  minutes - $ 85.      $ 75/session for purchase of 4 sessions/8 weeks

30  minutes - $ 50.      $ 44/session for purchase of 4 sessions/8 weeks 

Sound SAGE Relaxation Starts Here

   with Sound Healing

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

How Can Sound Help Heal?

Sound influences us;

Physiologically- through the nervous system

Psychologically - effecting our emotions

Cognitively - revising our focus

Behaviorally - the way, the speed, and the intensity with                                 which we act, react, move, and speak


Acute, intermittent or chronic - stress often precludes focus and produces anxiety.


Vibrational sound therapy relaxes tense muscles, allows the brain to relax and focus to increase.

Anxiety & Depression

A 2020 review notes that sound therapy can significantly alter brain waves, changing agitated wave patterns to exceptionally calm wave forms.2

Goldsby TL, Goldsby ME. Eastern integrative medicine and ancient sound healing treatments for stress: Recent research advances. Integr Med (Encinitas). 2020;19(6):24-30.

 As our brain waves slow down, we shift from an active state to a more relaxed, dreamlike state, says Auster.


In this state, our breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure decrease.3 This helps our immune system function more efficiently, reduces our stress hormones, and triggers the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain

Screenshot 2023-11-04 at 2.33.28 PM.png


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has been treated with music as an acceptable form of cognitive therapy. Many people who suffer PTSD have been helped with memory intrusions, emotional upsets and hyperarousal through sound therapy. It is a form of music therapy and can reduce the force of symptoms through simple relaxation. Prior to beginning a session we will test the sounds for signs of trigger and discuss bowl placement and sound strength to avoid any unpleasant sounds for you, the client. 


The more we tense our body, the deeper we feel pain. For people with chronic and acute pain, sound healing helps to relax the body so it can do the work of healing itself. 


January 2024
After two sessions of Vibrational Sound Therapy, I noticed immediate stress release and relaxation with improved sleep patterns. I have suffered from PTSD since 2017 after I was hit head on by a drunk driver. Since my VST sessions my PTSD symptoms have improved. Comparing my VST experience to a deep tissue massage, I have experienced more healing at a deeper level, stress reduction and renewal of energy. I look forward to my next session. FS, RN-BSN
August 2023
I felt like I'd had a full massage. I am a little averse to massage, and this is the best alternative. The relaxation was from the inside out. JM 
September 2023
It was hypnotic, total relaxation, no talking, no worry. This is what needs to happen when I get overwhelmed with my life. JJ
September 2023
I have PTSD and this is a helpful way to find some calm for myself. PF
November 2023
I had never tried vibrational sound therapy before my session with Marie. I didn't now what to expect, but was delighted by the experience. At the end of the session I felt relaxed and had the mental clarity that I needed for some important decisions, Marie was wonderful at facilitating the experience. I will definitely be a repeat customer. TH


Vibrational Sound Healing

"On the body" sound work is a relaxation therapy technique that is performed for a fully clothed client, and requires no touch. In a typical session, light metal bowls are purposefully placed on and around the body and activated by striking with a padded felt mallet. The result is a soothing sound and subtle vibration that is relaxing to the client. The technique is taught by an accredited organization whose training includes establish standards and ethics.” 


It has been described as a nervous system reset, and a massage without touch.


It is basically a relaxation technique which reduces tensions in the body. It is referred to as a nervous system or brain reset.

At the end of a successful session, you feel as if you’ve had a full-body massage, without removing your clothes or having hands work your muscles. 


By striking the bowls in rhythmic succession your body becomes attuned to these vibrations which tend to slow down some of its processes. Inevitably you relax. That’s all there is to it. 


Sound Bath

You are asked to get into a comfortable position by laying on a yoga mat, or seated with pillows to assure your comfort for at least 30 minutes. We will lead you through a calming experience using voice, singing bowls, chimes and other instruments to enhance your personal peace. This practice can also become a guided meditation depending upon the needs of the group. It is a relaxing, inspired experience. At times Sound Baths are provided during the final shavasana pose following yoga work.

It is referred to as a sound bath because a variety of percussion instruments are used to produce sound waves designed to connect with the brain and nervous system. Yu are bathed  in vibration  lower  influencing them to vibrate at a lower frequency to induce a relaxed state. Neither the sound bath, nor vibrational sound hearing are replacements for proven medical treatments, but complement them. If you have questions about whether this is an appropriate experience to a complicated medical situation, please check with your physician.

A registered sound therapist will use one or several instruments to create soothing, overlapping vibrations. The expert use of instruments provide a vibration which will lull clients into a very relaxed state. This is often accompanied by a guided meditation designed specifically for participants. Sound baths can last from 30 - 60 minutes and may be accompanied by aromatherapy. If you have allergies to essential oils please advise the sound healer prior to the event you attend. 


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