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Leadership. TRANSITIONS. Perspective. Forward Focus. Managing Priorities.
Leadership Development. Executive Team Coaching. Individual Coaching.
Organizational Communication/Change Management

What can SAGE COLLABORATIVE do for your business?

Executive Individual and Team Coaching/Leadership Development
Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility. For those of us who have lived our professional lives as leaders, we know, that when things are going well its not too tough. When things are tough, it’s not so easy and very lonely.

Exceptional leaders rise above the noise to make or break a company.
Cohesive teams exceed the expectations of the company and create and nurture culture. SAGE executives will engage you to define your professional and personal priorities in order to direct your time and energy to what matters most to you. As important, we will help you see and internalize results.

SAGE consultants and executive coaches have each ‘been there’, and understand the complexity and importance of clear leadership. We will move you through transitions associated with promotions, organizational changes and moving on to new organizations and careers.

Promising ‘up-and comers’ gain perspective and can hone skills by working with an executive coach, who has real-world experience as an executive.

Efficient at work, but too busy to organize my LIFE (!?*) an executive coach will lend perspective to help you identify and balance priorities.

Board Development
SAGE experts will assist in developing and/or reframing the purpose of the board of directors. We understand that this should also involve a consistent process of orientation and a summary of their responsibilities. We can help determine if it’s time to review your board and ‘refresh’ parameters.

Determining and maintaining the right complement of personalities, expertise and talent for a cohesive and forward-focused board is and art and a science we can help you explore, and put into motion.

Legislation and Advocacy
Who better to assist than a former state senator who understands and can help navigate the process.

Organizational Communication
What you say, and how (when-where-and-why) you say it, to your board of directors, employees and the public, are the operational tools to move your organization forward.

The only means to manage change is through the simple business rule; Communicate CoMmUNiCaTE, COMMUNICATE!

Trust can be gained and broken depending upon the messaging content, format, and timing you use internally to employees and shareholders, as well as through external promotions and advertising. SAGE experts can help you to identify purpose, frame and deliver successive messages in effective formats to each of the audiences and beyond.

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Our Team

Marie de Martinez, MA, FACHE



Michael Gloor, MS, MHA

Senior Consultant


Francine Sparby, MS, BSN

Senior Nurse Consultant

Kathy Morse, RN, MD, FACP

Senior Medical Consultant


Margaret Buck, PCMH CEC, NCQA0187

Senior Healthcare Consultant, PMHC Expert


Our Past Projects Have Included:

Special Projects, determined by your organization, based on need for rapid, objective results

Organizational Policy and Procedures Development

SAGE consultants assisted the company to describe how its organization works, based upon expectations of its employees, its culture and its unique competencies. This was the basis for our subsequent strategic planning and business development success for them.

Executive Coaching for Individuals and Leadership Teams

We have worked with several companies to support leaders in further professional development by helping them identify their personal strengths and challenges. This has included individual and group coaching sessions and demonstrations of how to capitalize on each others’ strengths, to move their organizations forward.

Board Development Training

Board Facilitation & Training provided for SAGE clients has included:
* Strategic and Business Planning
* Leadership Development and Talent Management
* Process Management and Improvement
* Team Building and Issue Resolution
* Public Policy/Advocacy
* Public Engagement, Dialogue and Deliberative Forums
* Meetings, Retreats, and Conference Planning

Communication and Social Media Planning

SAGE social media experts have a wealth of experience in understanding and influencing strategic direction focused on your company’s specific business development requirements. By developing real-time business analytics, which capture results from all media, we are able to create a fluid, interactive marketing process.

Strategic Planning Facilitation and Training

As its primary specialty, SAGE Collaborative has a combined 50 years of experience in strategic planning for professional and service organizations. This includes any combination of all of a six-step process;
a) Assess the current situation
b) Review of current strategic plan or other foundational documents,
c) Conduct and address a gap analysis, and
d) Define and recommend best means to Optimize the structure and processes and analytics tied to measuring outcomes of each
e) Create and operationalize Strategic Plan
f) Quantify results, apply what has been learned, and move forward with modified strategic plan

Medical Staff Development Plans

Created a physician-hospital communication structure which incorporates strategic planning, board-physician roundtable discussions, monthly physician newsletter, monthly clinic employee forums, technology and construction updates and ongoing clinic educational programs.

Recruitment Process Development

Designed strategic physician recruitment plan based on three national recruitment models and grounded in the reality of local practice patterns. The model has been requested and utilized throughout the United States.

Advocacy/Legislative Advancement

SAGE Senior Consultant Mike Gloor is a former State Senator with a wealth of professional experience in advocacy, in particular healthcare reform. His signature legilation during his 8 year tenure includes a Medical Home Pilot Program, Physician Assistants’ change in scope of practice, health insurance coverage for clinical trials, long term care pharmacy automated dispensing in nursing homes, durable medical equipment, school health screenings, radiology technicians scope of practice clarification, hospital transparency, tobacco tax increase, to name a few.

New Clinic Business Plans, Specialty Services, Implementation and Start-Up

With a focus on the continuous change associated with medical practice developments, advances in technology, and the curse/benefits of social media, SAGE’s expert consultants have accomplished new practice start-ups, and assisted in the smooth transition of private medical practices to hospital-owned practices and maintained not only the patient base, but strong relationships among providers and administration.

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